I love....

I love when all youve had and known. And came to love. Is ripped from under your feet and into the hands of others. And theres not one damn thing you can do about it. Not cry. Not scream. Hot hurt yourself. Not anything. Because no matter what you will never have that back. I love that you kill yourself over that, that you do all you can to have that one thing thats changed your life. Thats made everything better. I love when you see those visions in your head. Of what can happen to taht thing. And I love when they all coem true. And I love when you break down because you cant take it anymore. Well Im off now.
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Random chats...

rrorbusiness54: that big
gnited: holy shit that is bug
gnited: big*
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Its been a while......

So its been a while since I last updated this shit with something we can all relate too. I would all like to welcome to you to my show. The Livejournal Show. So lets see. Whats something thats been ticking me off lately. Ahhh...yes. Those that tell me very stupid lies. And think I will never find out. I may seem very fuckin stupid. I may seem like a retard. But I not. As a matter of fact I am a very smart young lady. Sure I may not know math. I may not know how to spell. But fuck I got street smarts. I think thats it. Or else I can just read people really easily and find out your stupid little lies. Well anywho who gives a fuck about this? No one am I right. Yeah. Well lets move on.

So Ive got a pretty big heart. And Im so weak when it comes to seeing poor people, hurt people, sick people etc....I cant see this shit. And Ill give my life for these people. Just because it truely hurts me to see this shit. And I hate when people dont do shit over it. Its fuckin gross. If your sittin on a shit load of money. Wiping you ass with it. How about do something good with that money and give it to the poor or something. Really have you seen the fuckin news? That shit is fuckin insane. The people in the graveyards are fucking floating around. Incase you dont know what I am talking about you are a dumbass. Im talking about the hurricane. Anywho back to that. I feel bad for those people. I think everyone should atleast pitch in with soemthing and help. That would mean alot to those people. Put yourself in there shoes. Well thats all.
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She shot me down with just a stare.....

So who can you trust? I trusted this one friend really well. And than I learned something. THat person talked about other people. Saying how much they hated that person and blah blah, and just bashing this person. Than I thought. What if that person does that with me. So fuck it man. No one spilling my feelings out to that person. For all I know there IM'ing the people they talk shit about and talk shit about me. I dont need anymore of that crap in my life. So anywho who cares about this shit. Just wanted to share.
Went to the beacho with some of the most awesomest people EVER. It was fun. Big boobed freako and I tried to get a tan. Yeah didnt work. We ended up burning the hell out of our skins. And it hurts like a bitch. My back was fuckin burning. So after we got home. We changed shower whatever the fuck. Than went to the movies. Oh god Dri hurt the fuck out of me when she came up and grabbed my shoulders. I screamed like 50 times that night. So we go in to see the Skeleton Key. And blah blah. Kayla sits down next to me. And these black guys behind us would no shut the fuck up. So in the movie. The black guy says to the screen. "Stop being white" haha. It was so funny. Big Boobed Freako turns around and goes "excuse me" haha it was so fuckin funny. Man I love the amc. and all the fuckin nutheads that go there.
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